Your Apple Watch deserves the same protection as your phone, but many people don’t always think about putting a case on their Apple Watch. That means its risk of damage is probably much higher than you’d like.


There might be times when you want to dress up your Apple Watch a bit. For these occasions, ICEGIANT transforms almost any Apple Watch model into a unique piece of jewelry. Its lightweight crystal rhinestone cover and extra sparkles around the watch face will ensure that you stand out and light up the night. The watch case is simple to put on—just clip it over your watch without even taking off the band. Plating with moissanite gives color to the strong frame to make a distinctive look for any event, and the cover is available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Be aware that this case is not waterproof. It’s an excellent choice for customizing your watch’s appearance, but if you’re mainly after protection, you’ll want to consider some other models.


Research and buying FAQs

Is a case or screen protector better for my watch?

Both are viable choices. If you are only concerned about scratches on the display and nothing else, a little screen protector may be your best choice. If you want to give your Watch new capabilities like stunning or protect it from bad knocks it might get on the job or during recreation, then a case is a better idea.


Can I change the frame on an Apple Watch?

The case or frame of the Apple Watch cannot be customized or replaced. However, it can be covered with another frame placed on top. This makes your Apple Watch bulkier, but it does allow you to customize the appearance more thoroughly. Take a look at faceplate options to see what we’re talking about.


Will all cases work across different Apple Watch Series?

No. There are different Apple Watch sizes to keep in mind when shopping. Apple Watches are measured vertically: The Series 4 to Series 6 are 40mm, and after that, the Series start to diverge. But you can customize different series cases if you need, pls contact @theigtofficial on IG.

Are Apple Watch cases worth it?

That depends on what you want. If you just want to protect your Apple Watch from damage, you don’t need a case, but it can help. If you are paranoid about small scratches on the Watch face, investing in a case can prevent that.