Custom Jewelry on ICEGIANT

Custom Jewelry on ICEGIANT

Do you want a piece of unique jewelry? If you want something that’s completely personalized and has a special touch unlike any other, then you’ll need to customize one with ICEGIANT.

What is customized jewelry?

Pendants in the jewelry industry refer to objects or ornaments that are meant to hang from a chain; either a necklace or bracelet. But pendants are detachable. This means you can choose to wear them when you want. What is customized jewelry?it could be a number with the color you like or any shape of the photo.

What does a pendant mean to you?

Customize jewelry is full of emotional articles that somebody put the special meaning it has sentimental value to you. Such as a number would be the lucky one to you, a photo who the most important people you love or a picture you prefer. Even a letter, and you want to make that significant and always with you.

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How to customize my own jewelry?

The most popular use of pendants today is to wear pendants as ornamental jewelry, most commonly on necklaces. Contact our jewelry specialist online, tell them about your inspiration or idea. We could make it to earrings, pendants, or engraving on the jewelry could customize on it.

 1. Customize number pendant

Let us know your favorite number and the material, we will contact you to confirm the information you provided, then will put it in production and waiting a week will update the photo or video of the pendant you customize for you before shipping it out.

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2. Customize photo pendant

Chose the shape of the photo frame you prefer, upload the picture and write down the engraving text you want. Then, our customize specialist will contact you with the customized photo effect to confirm what you expect. Up to 2-3 weeks for production time and will update you when the whole piece is done. (Could provide diamond test video)

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3. Customize letter on-chain or bracelet

First, contact our jewelry specialist to choose the style of the Cuban chain you like, tell them your idea on to customize.

Second, we would send you the 3D render design to confirm before production(production will take 15-20 days)

Third, send a photo or video of you with the jewelry via email and ship it out.

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