Father’s day gifts guide

Father’s day gifts guide

Choosing the Perfect Father’s Day Gift. Chances are you'll find something that will make dad feel special and that he'll love to wear for years to come. It might be time to expand your gifting horizons and see what the fine jewelry world has to offer.

Yes, dads like to wear jewelry, too.


Let’s start off with something basic and classic that pretty much everyone can get behind. Although everything from his car to his smartphone will tell him the time, a watch is still a useful object and adds a dash of style to whatever dad is wearing. When selecting a watch as a gift, think about the recipient’s lifestyle — does he dress up for work most days or is he a busy stay-at-home dad? Does he work with his hands a lot, in which case durability is important? Then think about his personal style — does he typically dress classic or preppy, modern or trendy or sporty? Why don’t you consider this ICED MOISSANITE WATCH , The ultimate in luxury, artfully handcrafted and carefully crafted to perfection.

Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings

Real men do wear bracelets, necklaces and rings! The cool thing about men’s jewelry is that it’s often made from traditional materials like stainless steel, silver and solid gold — making it extremely durable as well as stylish. Men’s bracelets typically are wider and more substantial than women’s bracelets and feature links, chains and leather cording. Popular styles of necklaces range from simple chains to chains with pendants such as dog tags or other symbols.


To make a jewelry gift even more special for Father’s Day, it’s nice to have it customized name clasp on cuban chain, his initials or the names and birth dates.

 If your dad wants a low-profile tennis bracelet is also a good option, I would recommend the 3mm and 5mm.


The most unmissable cross ring, I believe that many people cannot do without this special ring, I believe that if your father receives this ring, he will not be willing to take it off after wearing it.


Something a Little Unexpected

If a wristwatch is just too ho-hum for the dad in your life, special sunglasses or casual style sunglasses might be just the Father’s Day gift to make him smile. By engraving either one of these thoughtful gifts, you’ll make it something special and unique to him.

The takeaway here is that jewelry isn’t just for moms. Dads can appreciate a little bling or a new family heirloom that will hold great sentimental value and perhaps even be passed down to the next generation. So think out of the (shirt) box this Father’s Day and surprise Dad with a fine jewelry gift he’ll treasure. Follow IG(@theigtoffical) to get more info!