Gifts For All Dads

Gifts For All Dads

Father's Day is a day to give gifts to the special people in your life, like your father or a father figure. But being a father can be a thankless position, so there's no reason to still pass off your old man with a non-traditional tie or gift card for Father's Day this year. He should pick his own, although sometimes it's hard to get dads to break the routines they've created for themselves over the years. However, ICEGIANT preparing the best gifts for our dads. If you're looking for a gift that matches his interests, keep an eye on this blog.


Top1  Moissanite prong cuban chain

Take your wrist game to the next level with this crushed-out bracelet. Every link on this chain is flooded with VVS1 clarity genuine moissanite stones prong set up high for the ultimate shine. Each link is fully solid, thick, and heavy. This gives the chain a high-end luxurious feel that most Cubans lack. This Classical chain with modern aesthetic design must be suitable for our surface cold and solemn inner warmth of the father. We have sizes 10mm,12mm,16mm,19mm selling, kindly dm us on @theigtofficial for two-tone effect or different sizes.


Top 2 13ctw S925 Moissanite Cross Pendant

Beautiful, elegant and simple don't even begin to describe this pendant, it makes a great gift for someone very special. From your heart to theirs! The 13 pure moissanite stones are like mischievous and innocent children clinging together again to form a warm family, such a gift is most suitable for the old father who silently guards his family! More than just monotonous white, ICEGIANT designers showcased blue moissanite in the same design, making this pendant even more dazzling. Click here to win the wonderful pendant for our dads:

Top 3  Moissanite Nail Cross Pendant

The unique cross pendant is suitable for every man who is given the role of a father. The old father who struggles to maintain the livelihood of his children and takes care of his parents meticulously will eventually shine like this nail pendant, fit with the normal 10mm moissanite cuban chain, which also emits a unique light in the thorns and shines on one side. We have yellow gold and white gold pendant in stock now, if you need the rose gold one, kindly dm us on ig @theigtofficial to custom the color.