Gifts For Mother’s Day

Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is always about celebrating moms of all kinds, but nowadays not only for your mom, why not keep the other women in your life top of mind? This year, instead of flowers, gift the woman who is in your life something extra special. What’s more, ICEGIANT creates an unique page dedicated to every special woman. Follow us and choose the best gift for her, try to rub your pampering into your daily routine for every special woman in your life.

TOP 1 gift-- Moissanite Pendant

Her life changed from the day you came into the world. But how do you preserve every beautiful moment of her life? Just like the butterfly, you must let her begin anew and soar freely in the sky again. Give her the gift of wings with this beautiful butterfly pendant. So place your order as soon as possible, you know mom will want to hang it right away and she will cherish it forever. ICEGIANT stunning pendant is crafted in sterling silver to provide it an eternal life, click here to order the personalized pendant:


 Top 2 gift--S925 Moissanite Earrings

Wearing earrings can make a woman look elegant and generous. It is important to choose and buy earrings carefully for your love. Fortunately, ICEGIANT earrings are perfectly suitable for every occasion. Go ahead and don't be afraid to choose the wrong one. Because those silver with moissanite earrings, fit with every woman and are sold at the most affordable price now. Click the photos below and check our earrings on site.

Top 3 gift- - Moissanite Halo Ring

As a stunning fashion accessory, ICEGIANT rings provide a high-end and polished look to many outfits. Rings also can stack with other bands, and not worry that one will be overshadowed by another ring, since every moissanite stone will sparkle under any light. Even for years to come, ICEGIANT ring is never seen as gaudy or tacky and will still be a piece of favorite jewelry.


Top 4 gift- - Moissanite Chain & Bracelet

If you're looking for true luxury, then look no further. ICEGIANT Moissanite Classic chains and bracelets feature sparkling diamonds hand-set in carefully crafted baskets, shimmering moissanite, and impeccable hand craftsmanship presenting you with a sense of elegance and sophistication. Focus on ICEGINAT jewelry, dm us on Instagram @theigtofficial to custom the best gift idea for Valentine's Day, Xmas, Mother's day, and various occasions.