IGT Back To School Jewelry Trends

IGT Back To School Jewelry Trends

This year's "back to school" doesn't mean it's going to be largely the same as previous years, but that doesn't mean you can't make yourself look glamorous. The back to school jewelry trend has arrived, try adding some super cool earrings that will really take your overall look to another level. Create the atmosphere you've been carefully preparing for back to school for so long by simply adding some shiny and affordable jewelry at ICEGIANT that is. Follow this blog so you can pick at least one jewelry stash that best suits your needs.

 ICEGIANT has prepared a special page for back to school teens containing a variety of earrings, rings, bracelets and more at affordable prices but with beautiful products that are not to be missed. Click here to get your favorite jewelry: https://theigt.com/pages/today-s-deal


Please read on, if you really want to stand out this back to school season, here are our back-to-school season specials:     

Moissanite's low price tag is not reflected in its quality, and even if you meet a YouTuber like @FloridaMadeMG who makes video testing strangers diamonds on the street, you'll pass without a hitch. After all, moissanite not only passes the diamond measuring device, it is even more lustrous than a diamond, making it absolutely perfect for school students.

1. Stud Moissanite Earrings 

ICEGIANT stud moissanite earrings are a sophisticated piece of fine jewelry with a simple yet stylish design style that can be worn daily, complementing your makeup and outfit and making an impact in any look. The look of the claw setting helps keep the earrings simple, and I bet they're perfect for any occasion from casual to formal, and the perfect stud is definitely a teenager's first diamond! The good news is that you can save 30% off your first moissanite with the code 30OFF.

2.Moissanite Ring Set

The ICEGIANT ring is an absolutely irresistible piece of jewelry that can be both sophisticated and understated. Simply stacked with rings or worn as a couple's ring, casual everyday rings always add fun and interest to jeans and t-shirts, either ring adds to your anticipation of special nights and events. Customize a ring with us that represents you, defines you and introduces you to others without having to say a word. Click the follow photo to pick your favour.

3.Moissanite Bracelets / bangle

The first impression is always on the hand, and ICEGIANT has a selection of elegant and unique jewelry for you, from sparkling moissanite bracelets to chic moissanite bangles, perfect for the cuff bracelet, elegant Cuban bracelets, playful rope bracelets, layered with other chains or alone, always our favorite back-to-school trend of the season. Dm us on IG @theigtofficial and show us your idea of how to stack those bracelets?