What blue moissanite collection we have

What blue moissanite collection we have

In our cognition, moissanite is usually dominated by white moissanite, heterochromatic moissanite is rarely seen for any jewelry, extremely the tiffany blue moissanite, but ICEGIANT used it to design many kinds of wonderful jewelry, many of our customers made some nice Youtube evaluation reviews, how blue moissanite collection looking, let us show you now.

Blue moissanite Tennis Chain

Tennis chain as the representative of elegance and intellectuality, usually appeals with white gold diamond,tennis chain is a very simple piece, but the Tiffany Blue is the hottest color and is internationally recognized jewelry now.

What’s more, ICEGIANT still provide the most affordable price for every customer,this piece is in S925 silver with blue Tiffany blue moissanite stones.It is famous for beautiful color with the shine factor, cannot image that it has more reflective index compared to diamond.And the lock has two secure locks,a figure 8 safety clasp on the top to make it pretty secures. It is definitely a statement piece. In one word, the whole chain gives a different kind of taste, different kind of look for this ICE GAME.

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Blue Moissanite Cross Pendant

The large blue moissanite cross pendant is different from the small 2.1ctw cross pendant. There are 13 pcs 6.5 mm-sized moissanite for a killer shine, two stones on the pendant holder. It is a decent bigger size compared to the original version. You could even match a piece of 5mm or even 6mm blue moissanite tennis chain to fit with it. Those tiffany blue moissanite stones make it poping, never hesitate to get it, check here on site: https://theigt.com/collections/blue-moissanite

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Bue Moissanite Eternity Ring

Eternity band has a long history, also known as an infinity ring, comprising a band of precious metal set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones to symbolize never-ending love, ICEGIANT creates the blue moissanite eternity ring, the modern look makes its gorgeous shine. This ring is a great accessory for any wardrobe and any occasion. Kindly click here to get it as the best gift for you love:https://theigt.com/collections/blue-moissanite/products/blue-white-two-row-eternity-ring

Certified Blue Moissanite Stud Earrings

 The moissanite stones in the earrings are cut and polished by our craftsmen. All stones are pure moissanite and are not treated to enhance color or clarity. We choose the metal backs but not the screw backs, to avoid the disadvantages of replacing posts. These earrings shine more beautiful than the white gold one.

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